Clients value ongoing service

ContinuumFP clients value ongoing service: they appreciate the support we give them that the financial decisions they make, particularly in relation to investment structures and portfolios are both 'fit for purpose' and in their best interests. A number of our clients and associated professionals called heavily on the services of the Continuum Financial Planners team to address financial (predominantly investment-related) concerns that had arisen in the most part as a [...]

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Income Protection Insurance matters

Income Protection Insurance matters - getting the best out of your personal risk protection Income Protection Insurance matters because it provides cashflow certainty at a time when you are unable to physically earn your regular income. Referred to as Salary Continuance insurance in an employer group/ superannuation context, this insurance provides regular payments for an agreed period of time, starting thirty days after the latter of: your successful claim having [...]

Dollar Cost Averaging

What is dollar cost averaging? Dollar cost averaging is an approach to investing into investment assets which involves investing a set amount of money at regular intervals rather than a larger lump sum at one time. By investing this way you are not attempting to pick the highs and lows of the market, but rather the cost of your investment is ‘averaged’ over many periods. What are the advantages of [...]

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