The Blended Portfolio

What is a blended portfolio? Put simply, a blended portfolio is a portfolio comprising of a mix of carefully constructed assets, which complement each other with the aim of producing the optimal outcome for the investor. Modern portfolio theory is the common basis on which investment portfolios are constructed for both private individuals and large institutions. One of the essential elements of modern portfolio theory is the need to hold [...]

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Risk and Return

Risk and Return: key elements of investment risk profiling Investors' understanding of the terms risk and return is part of the determination of their investor risk profile, an important element in the process when structuring a strategic investment portfolio. Overall financial position and understanding of markets, timeframes available for investing - and the availability of access to capital also play key parts in the determination of that level of risk [...]

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Investment Market influences

Investment Market influences are economic Investment market influences are many and varied: economics is one of the most basic of the fundamentals that influence investment markets - and the focus of this article. But emotion, sentiment, 'information' and bias also have their effect (and they are mentioned in other posts in this website). Central Banks and Monetary Policy As most investors will be aware, Central Banks, such as the Reserve [...]

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