Intergenerational Assets

What are Intergenerational Assets? By this term, we at Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd refer to assets that a family accumulates over time and that then pass from one generation to another. Assets such as family heirlooms, 'cultural' treasures (personal intellectual property) and philosophies as well as wealth in the form of the generic asset classes of cash, property and 'equities'. Whilst some readers may ask where there is sufficient [...]

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Superannuation Death Benefits

Superannuation death benefits are payments made by the trustee of a superannuation fund following a member’s death. They include all sums held by the trustee as a consequence of the passing of the member: this includes accumulated contributions, investment earnings - and the proceeds of any life insurance policy entitlements. Even amongst the young superannuation members, the death benefit can be relatively substantial where life insurance is involved. Superannuation death [...]

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Defined Benefit Pensions

What is a 'defined benefit pension'? Defined benefit pensions provide a regular income stream paid to you from a superannuation fund. The income can be payable for your lifetime (and in some cases, the lifetime of your spouse), or it can be payable for a pre-determined term. It differs from an allocated pension in that the level of payments received each year set at the start of the pension is either [...]

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