Everyday wealth management

New Year resolutions need to translate to everyday activities Make everyday wealth management an everyday activity... As a precursor to 'happy' days ahead, everyday wealth management will translate to more satisfactory financial outcomes in the future. Each new year brings its own challenges, opportunities, disappointments and great expectations: have you made adequate preparation to seize the best of these for the coming year? Some wealth management matters you might want [...]

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Financial plan review

Financial plan review - regular reviews plot progress toward goals attainment A financial plan review is the final piece in the wealth management dilemma that started with 'Where did the year go?'; and was followed up with 'Wealth management discipline averts financial loss'. Those posts encourage regular reflection on your financial position: this post addresses the most important of them - an annual financial plan review confirms progress toward established goals; and provides opportunity [...]

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Personal financial risk management

What is personal financial risk management? Personal financial risk management addresses one of the two key features of a well-constructed financial plan – wealth creation and wealth preservation - the preservation aspect of the plan is addressed in this post. Wealth creation is designed to build capital, based on the assumption that you will have continued good health and have an expected timeframe over which to reach the goal.Wealth preservation often [...]

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Risk and Return

Risk and Return: key elements of investment risk profiling Investors' understanding of the terms risk and return is part of the determination of their investor risk profile, an important element in the process when structuring a strategic investment portfolio. Overall financial position and understanding of markets, timeframes available for investing - and the availability of access to capital also play key parts in the determination of that level of risk [...]

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Trauma insurance protection

What is Trauma Insurance - and what protection does it provide? Trauma insurance is a life insurance product that provides a claim benefit on the diagnosis of certain, prescribed/ defined conditions. Trauma insurance protection comes in the form of a financial benefit payment on the occurrence of eligible 'medical' conditions, or a policy-defined event, which may render the policyholder incapable of working for a period of time. It is paid [...]

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