Trusted wealth management advice

...the value of advice delivered by Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd Trusted wealth management advice will deliver peace of mind as it targets financial outcomes, be they short- to medium-term SMART goals, or through to longer-term retirement planning. Valuing the advice delivered in a wealth management advice engagement is a critical component in developing and implementing the strategies that will set your course to attainable financial independence. The ContinuumFP experienced [...]

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Testamentary Trusts revisit

Why a Testamentary Trusts revisit? The testamentary trusts revisit is made for the benefit of clients and readers who have come to our site, without any prior awareness of the features and benefits of this estate planning tool. Whilst testamentary trusts are not suited to every estate plan, awareness about them ensures that as circumstances change, benefits that could optimise the value of an estate to the beneficiaries are not [...]

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Funding early retirement

Funding early retirement can be a challenge Funding early retirement is an important consideration for those choosing to opt out of the workforce before the traditional retirement age. The traditionally accepted age for retirement is 65. Whilst there is often discussion that this age should be extended because of extended life expectancy over the past century: nevertheless it is still the case that large numbers of people find themselves ‘retired’ well before that [...]

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Wealth Protection involves life insurance

Wealth Protection includes insuring against personal risk! Wealth protection is an essential part of every wealth creation strategy: using life insurance to provide financial protection for when there is an insurable interruption to the accumulation strategy is an economically sound strategy. Without an adequate life insurance portfolio the wealth you have built up (or are in the process of establishing) can rapidly erode as the costs of attending to the cause of the [...]

Investment success comes with patience

Investment success comes with patience: and Dollar cost averaging proves that ‘Slowly but Surely may well Win the race’ Dollar cost averaging has proven itself effective in the continuum of market cycles, regularly demonstrating that investment success comes with patience: but what is it? - and why does it work? What is it? Dollar cost averaging (a tried and tested financial wealth management strategy) is a process of investing a [...]

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