Budget Highlights 2014

2014 Australian Federal Budget Update Last night Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey announced a Federal Budget for 2014/15  that asks all Australians to bear the burden, as the Government attempts to bring the Budget back into surplus and to reduce the national debt. As expected, the budget includes a number of spending cuts and only two major spending initiatives – the introduction of an $11.6 billion infrastructure growth package and the [...]

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Superannuation Splitting

Superannuation splitting occurs when one partner in a relationship transfers contributions made into their own superannuation account, to the superannuation account of their eligible partner. It is allowable for a member to split superannuation contributions across to their spouse’s account. A spouse is defined as a person who lives with another in a genuine domestic relationship as husband and wife. This definition includes de facto couples as well as same [...]

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Spouse Superannuation Contributions Tax Offset

The Spouse Superannuation Contributions Tax Offset was introduced to provide a way for spouses to help build the superannuation accumulations of the other in eligible circumstances. A spouse contribution refers to when a person makes a contribution into their spouse’s superannuation account. Provided certain income thresholds are met, the contributing spouse can receive a tax rebate of up to $540 on the contribution. Whilst there are no limits on the [...]

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