Market volatility 2020

Investor uncertainty leads to Market Volatility Market volatility is an ever-present feature of investing: it is heightened during times of investor uncertainty. In this post we focus on those days in late March 2020, that saw the U.S. Equities market (as represented on the S&P 500 Wall Street index) decline 29% within a couple of days, followed by a rapid recovery of around 80% of that decline within a couple [...]

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Investment returns attract

- but International offer probably too good to be true! In times where there has been severe impacts on the valuation of investment assets - and prolonged periods of low returns - offers of higher investment returns attract the attention of many, especially those who feel they have less time available to recover their losses. During the buoyant period after the post-GFC recovery had been under way for about a [...]

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Strategic wealth management

Strategic wealth management is the management of wealth (financial resources) according to a well-considered plan (strategy), focused on financial goals, known timeframes; and allowing for the investment risk aversion of the individual or family/ group for whom wealth is being managed. [The term 'wealth' is limited to the financial resources for this discussion: we acknowledge that there are other factors that constitute wealth in lifestyle terms.] What is 'wealth management'? In the [...]

Investment Markets strength

Investment markets strength is understood by technicians in the industry, to reflect the 'depth' and the 'liquidity' of the markets: those features are referenced in this article, but of greater interest to most investors is how market prices are performing. Geographically, the markets to which most of the funds Australians commit as investors, are located in Australia; and there is little dispute that the performance of those markets has been [...]

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Share market volatility

Share market volatility Share market volatility is the reflection of the price action on a daily basis: price action reflects the trades that have been conducted during each day. Trades are made by market participants (traders, as well as investors) based on their portfolio needs, influenced by their perception of the state of the companies in which they deal. For some of the participants, their perception is based on research [...]

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