Business Succession strategies

Business Succession strategies give peace of mind A recent report conducted cooperatively by the major accounting firm KPMG with Family Business Australia, reveals that there is a high degree of satisfaction experienced by most small (family) business owners, it also identified that the absence of adequate business succession strategies is a source of concern. The report also identified a number of business strengths. A major threat to the longevity and success [...]

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Property asset class – an Aussie favourite

The following article is posted to examine what has made the property asset class so favoured in the Australian investment landscape, what makes a good decision about including property as part of your assets (investment portfolio); and where a prospective property buyer might turn for assistance in making a property acquisition. Is the Property asset class an Investment; or a Lifestyle holding? One of the significant changes coming over the next decade [...]

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Managing Capital Gains Tax events

Have you had a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) event during the year? Managing Capital Gains Tax events so as to minimise the actual CGT payable will optimise the benefit you receive from the 'transaction'. If you have made a capital gain during the year due to the 'sale' of an eligible asset, you may be able to offset some of the taxable capital gain with either business losses or capital [...]

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Global Equities Asset Allocation

Diversification in asset allocation smooths volatility Investors have a range of investment asset classes into which a portfolio can be invested. A Global Equities Asset Allocation has some special features that make it particularly interesting to Australian investors. Some of those features are common to any global asset class (including fixed income, property, or even 'alternatives'). Global equities tend to be more volatile than the other assets for most of the time; [...]

Market Outlook 2012 Update

Our Market Outlook 2012 Update provides an opportunity to recall our original projections: and to note variances from our expectations for the 2012 year. (We originally published our view of the Outlook for 2012 on our blogspot site. With the market developing fairly much as we had forecast, we thought the few items that may have either been 'compressed' or 'delayed' should be updated. Refer the 'Editor' notes below.We would [...]

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