Investment success contributor: taxation

Are negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts sustaining your investment success? The investment success contributor for a large number of ‘ordinary’ Australians, is found taxation legislation, supported by settled Case law, in two key areas: Negative gearing deduction; andCapital Gains Tax discounting. From an economic standpoint, housing affordability and first home owner participation (and the politicisation of these emotive issues), should in the main, be considered a distraction – [...]

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Capping Superannuation funding

Why is capping superannuation funding in question? Governments around the world are facing debt concerns that threaten their ability to provide welfare, health, education and other services. In this scenario they are looking for ways to reduce their outgoings - and protect their revenue base. In Australia, one method the government is looking to implement to provide such protection is by capping superannuation funding. This will achieve their goal in two [...]

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Advised investors value advice

Investment satisfaction is enhanced with advice At the time that the article on which this post was based was published, the GFC was very fresh in the minds of most readers: we were only eighteen months into the recovery and a lot of work was being done, trying to assess how investors were reacting to the 'new' financial environment: one of the early findings was that advised investors value advice [...]

Tax refund wisdom

Tax refund wisdom enhances wealth management Tax refund wisdom is exercised when you use your refund effectively and in recognition of how your taxable income has been calculated - and hopefully, strategically - and you recognise that it isn’t a gift from the ATO (or from the government)! It ensures that the refund isn't 'wasted' on discretionary spending, rather sees it used to enhance the attainment of financial goals. You [...]

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Investment Tax Effectiveness

Effective wealth management demands Investment Tax Effectiveness to optimise the return on your portfolio, to improve asset protection - and investment efficiency. There are certain actions we can take early in the year to ensure tax costs are managed effectively from a cash flow and financial advantage perspective: by planning now, you can avoid a last-minute rush (that may prove an expensive action) at year’s end. Some of the things you [...]

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