Superannuation linked Life Insurance

What is superannuation linked life insurance?Should I have life insurance product linked to my superannuation? Superannuation linked life insurance products are those that have elements of the protection for the insured covered both inside and external to superannuation. A particular policy structure links the two elements. Many of us have at least some of our life insurance protection paid through our superannuation accounts. In some cases this is a cash flow [...]

Strategic Asset Allocation to achieve financial goals

Strategic asset allocation focuses on financial goals Strategic asset allocation is made when the investor selects portfolio assets according to their risk profile, liquidity, timeframe and other relevant investment considerations set out in their strategic financial plan. Strategy is King It has always been the case that in business or financial management, well-devised (preferably documented) strategy will always outperform random decision-making over the longer-term. Experienced, successful investors ensure that their [...]

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Term Allocated Pensions

What are term allocated pensions? ...or perhaps the question is becoming - What were Term Allocated Pensions? A term allocated pension (TAP) is a superannuation account that provides for your super to be paid to you as regular income for a fixed period. They were able to commence after retirement or as part of a “transition to retirement”. The pension payments made to you under a TAP are set each [...]

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Financial Markets Influences

Financial Markets influences are felt by all market participants: sometimes they impact the investment/ trade to be made on the day; otherwise they impact the valuation of the investment assets held. Short-term traders and long-term investors alike need to be aware of the influences on the markets to better decide on trades to make (or not make). Who/ what influences the daily performance of financial markets? Is it 'the Bulls', [...]

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Annuities underpin retirement income

Annuities underpin retirement income - and the certainty of that income - for many investors/ retirees: but what are annuities; and how can I benefit from having one? The following post describes the general application of annuities, but over time, new retirement income stream products are developed and it is wise to seek professional financial advice before entering into an annuity contract, to ensure that what you are securing is [...]

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