Testamentary Trusts revisit

Why a Testamentary Trusts revisit? The testamentary trusts revisit is made for the benefit of clients and readers who have come to our site, without any prior awareness of the features and benefits of this estate planning tool. Whilst testamentary trusts are not suited to every estate plan, awareness about them ensures that as circumstances change, benefits that could optimise the value of an estate to the beneficiaries are not [...]

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Children’s investment income taxed

What tax is payable on children's investment income (minors)? The tax rates payable by individuals, resident of Australia, on income earned from all sources are set out in Tables on this page on the ATO website. The effect is that no tax is payable on taxable income until it is clearly in excess of $20,000 (as at June 2021). Children's investment income is caught under specific taxing rules. Where the individual [...]

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Estate Planning urgency

Estate Planning urgency is best highlighted when there is an untimely passing of a family member who hasn't prepared a valid Will by which to guide in the distribution of their estate. You want to ensure that your accumulated wealth is passed on to the right people, in the right proportions and at the right time: that is the ultimate goal of sound Estate Planning! Estate Planning is a critical [...]

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Estate planning foundation: a valid Will

Apart from the time to consider all of the issues that need to be considered in formulating an estate plan, the estate planning foundation: a valid Will, is core to the end process. Is my Will fully valid; and up to date? Estate planning is, as noted earlier in this series of posts, a process more so than a set of documents. However, the documentation of that process is critical [...]

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Estate planning for younger children

Estate planning for younger children may seem at odds with our understanding of when a Will for instance, needs to be considered, but in this post we consider the special needs that surround the planning aspects when young children are likely to be impacted. Using a Testamentary Trust to split estate income with young Children An Estate Planning strategy that has grown in popularity in recent times is the use of [...]

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