Market Outlook 2016

The 2015 backdrop to the market outlook for 2016 -  As 2015 drew to a close, we reflected on the disappointments of the year from an investment returns perspective. We then turned our minds toward 2016 hoping, rather than expecting, that the market outlook is for a better year. In this post, we bring you the market outlook that will guide the ContinuumFP investment recommendations for 2016, at least initially. Whilst each of [...]

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Planning YOUR Retirement

Why 'Planning Your Retirement'? Retirement is a very personal phase of your life: planning your retirement means that you need to be involved - and that your personal circumstances need to be taken into account in the process. The sooner the planning is done, the easier will be the process - and more certain the progress - towards that well-earned day. You are going to retire - right? So, best start [...]

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