TPD Insurance within Superannuation

Should I hold my TPD insurance within Superannuation? In our article 'Superannuation linked Life Insurance', we discussed which insurance products could be taken through a superannuation account. TPD Insurance is one product that is eligible to be held within superannuation. We  also revealed some of the limitations on such a practice, that are imposed through the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) legislation. Since that article was published, readers have raised questions as to the [...]

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Occupation Definitions for TPD and IP Insurance

Occupation Definitions influence insurance cost and benefit This article addresses the issue of the particular occupation definitions applying to your occupation. Whilst your occupation will impact on the premium you will pay for other forms of life insurance (such as TPD, Income Protection, Business Expense and Key Person Insurance), it is only TPD and IP insurances that have the occupation defined for the purpose of a claim against these policies. The claims-based [...]

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Superannuation linked Life Insurance

What is superannuation linked life insurance?Should I have life insurance product linked to my superannuation? Superannuation linked life insurance products are those that have elements of the protection for the insured covered both inside and external to superannuation. A particular policy structure links the two elements. Many of us have at least some of our life insurance protection paid through our superannuation accounts. In some cases this is a cash flow [...]

Wealth protection assurance relieves financial stress

- Life insurance outsources financial risk Wealth protection assurance will restore the smiles to the faces of those dependant on your ability to continue to provide income with the certainty and regularity enjoyed whilst you are in good health and physically able. You may consider yourself invincible (and we wish for you that you are correct in that assumption): but what if the driver near you has an accident that involves your vehicle? Or [...]

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Key-man Insurance security

Key-man Insurance: security and financial independence Key-man insurance security (and potentially, financial independence) is provided for your dependants at a time of their greatest need. Business survival following the death/ disablement of a key person… Whether you are self-employed under a company structure or dependant on a key person for technical or other skills you should address the consequences of that person’s untimely death or permanent disablement – for the [...]

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