SMSF Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy generally The development of an SMSF Investment Strategy is as important a process to the members of an SMSF as is an investment strategy to any investor. Whether in relation to superannuation or non-superannuation investing, investors use this process to consider all of the elements that influence successful investing.  In the case of the SMSF however, the significance takes on an added dimension – the legal obligation of the trustees [...]

2012 Trust Changes

The podcast transcript following, is of an interview with CPA Australia senior tax counsel Mark Morris and ATO senior tax counsel Fiona Dillon. The podcast which was recorded by CPA Australia in May 2012, provides general information about some of the 2012 trust changes. Note: The information in this transcript is current as at May 2012. The comments made reflect the ATO position at the date of publishing and the [...]

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

What are self managed superannuation funds? Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are private superannuation funds that are managed and controlled by the members. These funds are sometimes referred to as 'DIY funds' (although very few members of such funds find that they can indeed 'do it themselves!'). There may be up to 4 members in the fund; and contributions can be made to the fund by members and/ or their employers. [...]

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Estate planning flexibility

Estate planning flexibility is facilitated in the 'modern' Will. This article discusses some of the features of a modern Will that give that flexibility and provide peace of mind to the testator. What’s in a Will? As mentioned in our post ‘Estate Planning outlined’ two important documents to be found in an Estate Plan are the Last Will and Testament (Will) and the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA): we also [...]

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Estate Planning outlined

Estate Planning outlined Estate Planning is an important wealth management exercise that seeks to continue the good work of the testator in accumulating the wealth that they seek to pass on for the benefit of future generations. In estate planning outlined, we set out the series of posts that deal with critical elements of that exercise. What is an Estate Plan?  An estate plan is a strategic approach to the [...]

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