Free superannuation money

The superannuation co-contribution that the government makes to the superannuation accounts of eligible contributors attracts a lot of attention and publicity towards the end of each financial year - and its free superannuation money. We wrote about it in an article previously but, as the end of the eligible contribution period for getting money in to your superannuation trustee, we are running a reference to that article again. Government co-contribution is free money [...]

Superannuation Nonconcessional Contributions

What are superannuation nonconcessional contributions? Superannuation nonconcessional contributions are contributions that have been made - by an individual member; andfor which a tax deduction has not been claimed. Going by the nomenclature NCC, these contributions have, in the past, been referred to as 'undeducted contributions': they count towards your non-concessional contributions cap (see more below). Why make nonconcessional contributions? (The benefits of making nonconcessional contributions) There are many advantages in [...]

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