Market Outlook 2012 Update

Our Market Outlook 2012 Update provides an opportunity to recall our original projections: and to note variances from our expectations for the 2012 year. (We originally published our view of the Outlook for 2012 on our blogspot site. With the market developing fairly much as we had forecast, we thought the few items that may have either been 'compressed' or 'delayed' should be updated. Refer the 'Editor' notes below.We would [...]

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Market Outlook 2012

ContinuumFP's Market Outlook 2012 is provided as a guide to our clients as to the investment themes that we believe will influence investment decisions during the 2012 calendar year. Wow! What a year we had in 2011! (and in 2010! ..and in 2009! ..and in 2008!) What is the outlook for the 2012 calendar year? The ‘markets’ are looking volatile no matter which asset class is being considered: let’s break [...]

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Wealth Management strategy consistency

Strategy consistency is a strategy The occurrence of the Global Financial Crisis (the GFC) in late 2008 gave birth to a range of investment slogans and vocabulary that will persist into the distant future. One of the most valuable slogans, modelled on "Cash is King", was 'Strategy is King'. In our view, investors maintaining wealth management strategy consistency in the aftermath of the GFC, was strategic in itself. The challenges to [...]

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Strategic wealth management

Strategic wealth management is the management of wealth (financial resources) according to a well-considered plan (strategy), focused on financial goals, known timeframes; and allowing for the investment risk aversion of the individual or family/ group for whom wealth is being managed. [The term 'wealth' is limited to the financial resources for this discussion: we acknowledge that there are other factors that constitute wealth in lifestyle terms.] What is 'wealth management'? In the [...]

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