Investment Yield

Investment Yield in the decision-making process The investment yield available from any given asset, helps investors determine the appropriate tactic in relation to allocation of investable funds to that asset. The decision could be whether to retain, to acquire, to vary the holding of that asset. When the allocation to an investment is being contemplated, the yield will be a factor in deciding whether or not to purchase. Specifically, the cashflow [...]

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Listed Investments

What are listed investments? Listed investments are investments quoted on an exchange established for trading investment-class assets: in Australia, equities principally trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Stock exchanges are also located overseas and corporate equities are able to be bought and sold through these sharemarkets. Such investments facilitate trading ownership of any publicly listed company via the purchase and sale of shares. Shares in companies, listed property trusts [...]

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Strategic investment criteria exposed

Investment Markets and Investor Behaviour:strategic investment criteria has been exposed The strategic investment criteria of any investor, will reflect their individual investment philosophy: readers who adopt a more intense trading pattern in their financial management will not find commentary in this article that would relate to that practice. A common theme for both traders and investors will be the desire to improve their position over time: for both, the Risk -v- [...]

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Investment Market influences

Investment Market influences are economic Investment market influences are many and varied: economics is one of the most basic of the fundamentals that influence investment markets - and the focus of this article. But emotion, sentiment, 'information' and bias also have their effect (and they are mentioned in other posts in this website). Central Banks and Monetary Policy As most investors will be aware, Central Banks, such as the Reserve [...]

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Gain when Investor Sentiment driven by strategy

How should we respond in periods of significant market volatility? (which gives rise to a different discussion from the question: How do we respond in such periods?) Investor Panic and Fear creates opportunity! The moral of the investment story is to apply strategy for the available, considered timeframe. Responses to market volatility are as diverse as the people who participate in the markets - investors and traders alike. Our firm [...]

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