There is real value to be found in advice from a financial planner.

value financial planning advice_AFA report on advised investors

Advised investors value financial planning advice – and as the report referenced in the article linked to this post shows, with good reason.

Whilst only 2 in every 10 Australians who have invested funds seek the advice of a Financial Planner, those very wise investors have been shown to be better off than their un-advised friends: in fact the findings from a survey that was published during last year showed that those investors who worked with a financial planner were…<read more>

(Our Value of Advice article published for one of our client eNewsletters unashamedly links you to our Blog posted late in 2011 (refer ‘read more’ link above): the facts surrounding the financial services market haven’t changed the veracity of the article – and with new regulations to apply to the provision of financial advice in the next twelve months we believe we are already providing services compliant with what the Regulator is looking for. We charge on a ‘fee for service’ basis; we detail our service arrangements; and we have always had our clients best interests in focus.)