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Wealth management communication is as well facilitated in electronic media as is any service or product: in the case of a service, the media is usually confined to providing ‘general’ information, brand awareness; and completion of basic information updates.

Q: What do all of the abovementioned media have in common?Early-age retiree - lifestyle

A: They are all tools which if used properly, will help us fill in some missing information. Looking for a restaurant; accommodation; holiday destination? – take a look at the Trip Advisor site. Looking for information about a home appliance? – check out Choice; or another product review site.

If you are not using such sites you could be buying a service or article that has a proven history of unsatisfactory performance: or you could be missing out on making your purchase with the level of confidence that you might otherwise enjoy.   Even more disturbingly, you could be paying too much – even on eBay, Gumtree or such like!

keyboard-shopping-trolley_CM120527A quick story: during January (2013) I took a week out and went to Fiji with the family. We have a coeliac in our family and have to be very vigilant regarding gluten and non-contamination by that ‘substance’. Utilising Trip Advisor, twitter and consequently, some Restaurant websites we were able to quite comfortably satisfy the dietary requirements for the week. (..and I very happily posted a comment on Trip Advisor for Bonefish Restaurant commending them for their understanding – as well as their great food, service and reasonable pricing).

Wealth management communication: ContinuumFP

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