– making your tax refund bigger

money bag with draw string tie and dollar sign printedWindfall gains wisdom will ensure that those unexpected financial benefits ‘keep on giving’ as they say. Such gains can arise from a variety of sources, but one that many of us relate to, is the annual tax refund.

Around August through October each year many of us will be receiving a refund from the ATO: this is not a generous gesture on behalf of the Tax Commissioner, it is a return to you of what you should have had working for you during the past year(s).

Now that you have it back under your control, we offer the following suggestions as to how you might make it worth more to you:

To explore these and other ideas relevant to your personal situation, contact a Continuum Financial Planners Pty Ltd adviser – using the Contact Us form on our website, or phoning our office (on 07-3241 3456) – and arrange a meeting now. We will take you through the examples of how each of these possible uses of the tax refund will make it of greater value to you and your family.

[This article was originally published in our August 2010 eNews: it has occasionally been refreshed and updated, most recently, in January 2019.]